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Insurance Claims

If you have a damaged or leaky roof, we specialize in working with (not against) your insurance company to get your roof replaced for you. Our goal is to make your deductible your only out-of-pocket cost. This process starts with a home inspection. Storm damage is not always obvious immediately after a storm leaving the potential for all kinds of problems to develop without the knowledge of the home owner until it's much too late.

If your home has been hit with hail or wind any time in the last few years or is noticeably damaged or leaking give us a call and we will send one of our roofing experts out to do a free roof inspection. Once the inspection is complete, we will make our recommendation based off what we find. Not every storm causes irreparable damage to your roof and we understand that calling in a bad claim to an insurance company can hurt the home-owner. We've worked hard to develop strong professional relationships with the insurance adjustors working in South Carolina and our roofing specialists are experts at recommending the course of action that is in the best interest of you as the homeowner. Sometimes that recommendation is either to do a simple repair or that there isn’t enough damage found on the roof to call in an insurance claim. When they do find the damage that most insurance companies look for, our experts will work with you and your insurance company every step of the way to restore your property to its original condition.


Retail Replacement

If your roof is old and in need of replacement, we work hard for our customers to replace it and protect their home. We understand the cost of a full roof replacement can seem overwhelming which is why we offer financing options for most credit ranges often with instant approval from our lenders. Unlike most roofing companies, we do not charge financing fees. With loan minimums as low as $1000, there is almost no loan amount too small or too large to get your job done quickly so you can have peace of mind now with easy monthly payments later.


Roof Repair

Many roofing companies do not like to spend time doing or diagnosing repairs or partial replacements and prefer to focus on doing complete jobs. If a full replacement is not what is needed or what you want to do, we specialize in pinpointing the problem and fixing it for you quickly at a reasonable cost.



If your gutters are damaged, need replacing or if you just want to install new gutters on your home, we will be glad to provide you free estimate and do the job. Many times gutters see just as many issues as your roof does from storm damage and we specialize in getting those replaced as well along with the rest of your claim.



Our specialty is roofs and gutters, but everyone knows storm damage can affect the entire house. Unlike most contractors you will work with, Ridge Roof Restoration has an in-house supplement team staffed by former insurance adjusters who will work tirelessly to make sure ALL of the damage to your property is properly documented and called in to make sure you get the funds you need to make your property whole.

At Ridge Roof Restoration we provide premium roofing and restoration services to homeowners who have experienced storm damage to their roof or simply need to get their aged roof repaired or replaced. With our offices located just outside of Spartanburg and Columbia, we are in a unique position to efficiently serve our neighbor’s roofing and gutter repair and replacement needs across the South Carolina Upstate, Columbia, and the surrounding areas.

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